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Warranty Service

Warranty period
Our warranty service applies to our customer service department, authorized customer service center or users’ local distributors.
For any questions or concerns about your Calsion generators, please call your local distributor.
For any other assistance, please call our customer service hotline: +86-551-26571554, or send e-mail to service@calsionpower.cn.

Whole set warranty period
All Calsion generators cover warranty service for at least 1000 operation hours or 12 months since delivery, whichever comes first, except as otherwise provided herein or in relevant commercial contracts.

Repair range
Damages caused by materials or workmanship will be repaired during the warranty period. Calsion will repair the damages by new or rem-manufactured accessories and spare parts. We will provide free spare parts for repair.

Warranty period of repaired parts
If the repaired or replaced accessories and spare parts are original accessories and spare parts of Calsion, six-month warranty period will be provided. If not, no warranty will be available.
All the repaired or replaced accessories, spare parts and generating sets are only entitled to the remaining warranty period of the previous accessories, spare parts or generating sets.

Situations excluded from warranty coverage
1. Damages arisen from any of the following reasons:
a. Damages caused by accidents, improper operation or privately replaced parts.
b. Damages caused by accidental collision, combustion, pilferage, freezing, devastation, prang, or natural disasters such as earthquake, lightning strike, fire, flood, etc., or other force majeure (for example, war);
c. Damages caused by remodeling the finalized generating sets or replacing spare parts, including changing the canopy, engine, alternator, base tank and spare parts;
d. Damages and erosion caused by environment or chemical treatment;
e. Damages caused by radioactive air, acid rain, fog, hailstone, earthquake, hurricane, chemistry, etc.;
f. Damages caused by improper operation, insufficient maintenance or improper repair;
g. Damages caused by improper transportation or installation, or repair not authorized by Calsion;
h. Accessories or products that infringes law or with obviously vicious purpose;
i. Damages caused by improper operation or maintenance that didn’t use recommended liquid, fuel, lubricant and coolant;
j. Damages directly or indirectly caused by improper repair.
2. Users who cannot provide with required documents or provide invalid documents.
3. Users who cannot provide the original records of maintenance and repair (when reporting failures or other conditions in which records of maintenance and repair are required by Calsion or suppliers of Calsion).

Vulnerable parts and daily used spare parts
The following vulnerable parts and daily used spare parts are excluded from warranty coverage:
Air filters
Fuel Filters
Oil Filters
Injector nozzles
Drive belts
Lubricants and coolants

Extra expenditure
Warranty does not cover the economic loss or extra expenditure caused by downtime, for example: economic loss and time loss arising from breakdown of generator sets.

Responsibilities of Owner/User
The installation should be carried out as set forth in the Operator’s Handbook.

Long-term light-load running and cold running of engine are not permitted.

Users must keep the records of all maintenance services. These records shall detail all routine and non-routine services. They are necessary to determine the warranty coverage and should be transferred to each subsequent user.

Maintenance service must be performed by an approved dealer or other competent engineers in accordance with the maintenance schedule and routine maintenance procedures in the Operator’s Handbook and further instructions detailed in the Workshop Manual.

Oils and other fluids used must conform to the specifications and grades given in the Operator’s Handbook or Workshop Manual, unless written authorization has been granted by Calsion customer service department.

Genuine Calsion parts are the only service replacement parts.

Evidence maybe required for the running hours of the engine, and this information should be stated in the maintenance record. If no records of running time, then 12 hours per calendar day will be used to estimate the running hours.

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