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Most large business areas are thickly populated, and densely distributed with electric power infrastructures. Buildings have more categories of electrical lighting device compared with public places, and buildings have more complicated cable wiring configuration and larger electrical load, usually more than 12 hours per day. Calsion diesel generator sets can be used as backup power generator to provide emergency power supply under unexpected circumstances.

Advantages of Calsion Generator Sets
● Detection system is equipped for real-time inspection of the genset. It has functions of data display, monitoring and shutdown alarm;
● With RS232/RS485 communications interface, our diesel generator sets can be connected with computer for remote control, signaling and testing;
• Automatically detect failure of the mains, and automatically start generator sets;
• ATS is available to automatically switch to generator sets after the mains fail;
• Environmentally-friendly, ultra-low noise to support the normal working of mall;
• Mean time between failures not less than 2000 hours;
• Meet demands of various harsh environments and high altitudes;
• Customized solutions are available based on each client’s individual needs.

Project: Discovery Shopping Mall in Bali, Indonesia
Genset: two 50HZ 910KVA Perkins diesel generator
Project: Conference Center of Boao Forum for Asia
Gensets: five 750KW MTU generator set
Customized options: synchronization and ATS
Project: Tangshan Finance Center
Genset: two 50HZ 1000KVA MTU generator
Customized options: ATS

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