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Power supply is the core of information processing center of telecommunications device. On account of this reason, telecommunications industry has particularly strict requirements for generator sets. Our gensets is endowed with the following advantages to satisfy the requirements of telecommunications industry.

Advantages of Diesel Generator Sets
• Automatic start and load: our diesel gensets can automatically start or load after receiving automatic control or remote control order. These gensets can protect against low oil pressure, overvoltage, over speed, overload, short-circuit, etc. Water-cooled generator sets can protect against high water temperature, and air-cooled gensets can protect against high cylinder temperature.
• Remote monitoring: remote testing, signaling and control functions to realize real-time remote monitoring of genset operating parameters. If there is abnormal condition or serious fault, the genset will send automatic alarm to the monitoring center. Our genset can also provide standard communication protocol.
• Backup: ATS can be used for automatic switch between the mains and diesel generator sets or between two diesel gensets.
• Parallel operation: two or more three-phase units with same specification can operate in parallel within the range of rated power.
• Mean time between failures: not less than 2000 hours

Project: China Unicom
Genset: Perkins 1800kW container type diesel generator
Project: Sri Lanka Mobile Base Station
Genset: 50HZ 25KVA silent diesel generator

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