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In addition to a variety of infrastructure, urban transport are generally equipped with fire control, guidance, security, communications, signal and data systems, etc. Once power fails, the whole transport system will fall into disorder, and it would be hard to imagine the consequences. Our diesel generator sets can be used as backup power to provide emergency power supply under unexpected circumstances.

Advantages of Diesel Generator Sets

• Detection system is equipped for real-time inspection of the genset. It has functions of data display, monitoring and shutdown alarm;
• With RS232/RS485 communications interface, our diesel generator sets can be connected with computer for remote control, signaling and testing;
• ATS is available to automatically switch to generator sets after the mains fail;
• Environmentally-friendly, ultra-low noise;
• Mean time between failures not less than 2000 hours;
• Meet demands of various harsh environments and high altitudes;
• Customized solutions are available based on each client’s individual needs.

Project: Russian Railways
Genset: six 300KVA silent generator sets
Customized options: heating system, water jacket heater, oil heater, battery powered heater

Project: China Railway Construction Corporation Limited
Genset: 50HZ 100 - 10000KW Perkins/MTU diesel generator
Project: Hefei Xinqiao International Airport
Genset: MTU 1000KVA standby generator

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