Solutions and Project

Solutions & Applications
Our diesel generator sets are extensively used in a number of fields, such oilfield, telecommunications, transportation, outdoor projects, buildings, manufacturing factories, hospitals, banks, etc. They are generally used to supply backup power on account of their high reliability and stable performance.

Advantages of Calsion Diesel Generator Sets
• Parallel operation: two or more three-phase units with same specification can operate in parallel within the range of rated power.
• Up to 30,000 hours of time between overhauls.
• Detection system is equipped for real-time inspection of the diesel genset. It has functions of data display, monitoring and shutdown alarm;
• With RS232/RS485 communications interface, our diesel generator sets can be connected with computer for remote control, signaling and testing;
• ATS is available to automatically switch to generator sets after the mains fail;
• Ultra-low noise to provide a quiet enough environment for working staff;
• Low exhaust emissions that comply with environmental requirements;
• Stable performance with mean time between failures not less than 2000 hours;
• Customized solutions are available based on each client’s individual needs;
Solutions and Project
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