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Production Plant

Our modernized equipment, including traveling crane, laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, welding platform, multi-station CNC busbar processing equipment, screw air compressor, assembly platform and professional test platform, makes the production easier and more stable, and guarantees the quality of our diesel engine generator sets.

Test System
Each and every genset must go through strict tests before delivery.
We are equipped with six professional test platforms with test capability of 4000kW.
A full load test is conducted at 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and 110%.
Overload continuance testing: noises testing, hertz and voltage control test, lube oil operating pressure, functional test and
appearance inspecting.
Our test system consists of operation desk, load bank, switch cabinet, load resistor, reactor etc.

Traveling Crane

Laser Cutting Machine
High precision laser cutting machine for steel plate cutting is able to carry out automatic cutting in accordance with drawings. 0.02mm cutting accuracy ensures the accuracy of machining parts.
Multi-station CNC Busbar Processing Equipment
This processing equipment can undertake shearing, bending, punching, embossing process, make the busbar more closely connected. It enjoys excellent electric conduction performance.

CNC Bending Machine
Fully automatic CNC control of bending size and parts guarantees the precision of the parts.

Welding Platform
Professional welding platform and welding equipment guarantee the smoothness and structural strength of chassis of diesel generator sets.
Assembly Platform
Professional diesel genset assembly platform ensures flatness and eliminate deviation of assembly, thus reducing vibration when the diesel generator set is running.

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